Gourmet Platter
Availability: All year round
Summer Departure(s): 8.30am
Winter Departure(s): 9.00am
Trip duration: Full Day
Activity level: Moderate
Ideal for: Walking the most scenic section of the Park and kayaking in the calmest waters!
Kayak info: Observation Beach to Marahau
Cruise info: Marahau to Torrent Bay: 45 min. Bark Bay to Observation Beach: 30 min
Walk info: Torrent Bay to Bark Bay

Gourmet Platter

From $195

Travel by water taxi to Torrent Bay in the morning. Walk the beautiful coastal track between Torrent Bay and Bark Bay, including across the Falls River Swingbridge. Eat your lunch at Bark Bay before catching a water taxi south, back to Observation Beach. Join up with your guide before kayaking through the sheltered waters of the Astrolabe Roadstead visiting golden beaches, the wildlife on Adele Island sanctuary and the other wonders of the southern Abel Tasman. Finish with a sail home to Marahau on the sea breeze.

  • Minimum age 12 years

What’s included in this tour?

Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • 1 day kayak hire
  • Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Water taxi fares
  • Fully catered
  • Water taxi transfers for you and your kayak


  • Water taxi from Marahau to Torrent Bay
  • Walk from Torrent Bay to Bark Bay
  • Water taxi from Bark Bay to Observation Beach
  • Kayak from Observation Beach to Marahau

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